EESGI Projects


This large industrial park in Asia ordered and installed models EE815W-SH15 & EE840W-SHRC30 of our eLEDing® EE800W-SH Series and EE800W-SHRC Series Hybrid Microgrid Solar LED Street Lights.

This project required a large scale installation, with many units across the park. The street lights feature ultra-high-power LEDs to generate impressive, ultrabright illumination during nighttime, with dusk-to-dawn lighting capability. eLEDing® solar street lights use an environment-friendly, high power-density lithium ion battery.

This installation will save the park money on utility costs, as well as labor costs with the models’ easy installation!


The City of Lake Havasu, Arizona ordered EE840W-SHRC30 units (of our eLEDing® EE800W-SHRC-Series Solar Hybrid Microgrid LED Street Lights) to light the London Bridge on McCulloch BLVD.

The London Bridge was built in the 1830s and formerly spanned the River Thames in London, England. It was dismantled and relocated to Arizona in the 1960s, and serves as the 2nd largest tourist draw of the state.

The bridge celebrated it’s 50 year anniverary of this purchase in 2018, and the eLEDing® solar street lights lit the bridge that night!


In sunny California, this upscale winery installed units of the EE840W-SHRC30 of (of the eLEDing® EE800W-SHRC Series) Hybrid Microgrid Solar LED Street Lights.

Since the installation did not require the running of AC power lines through the vineyard or the set up of an extensive power grid, it saved both time and money, allowing them to keep the property picturesque, and lit their fields in no time!


The American Legion Post #853 located in beautiful Borrego Springs, CA operates a charitable thrift store called the “Bargain Barn”. The Bargain Barn is known affectionately by many customers throughout So. Cal. as the “BARN”. The BARN receives donations of used furniture, clothing, sporting goods and misc. housewares from the surrounding community and proceeds from the sale of these items are donated back to organizations in the Borrego Springs community.

Borrego Springs is one of only a handful of cities throughout the world to receive the prestigious designation of being an “International Dark Sky Community”. This simply means that Borrego Springs has shown exceptional dedication to the preservation of the night sky through the implementation and enforcement of a quality outdoor lighting ordinance, dark sky education and citizen support of dark skies.

But …. “No Light makes a Burglars Delight”. Early in October just as the BARN was preparing to open for the winter season and residents were returning for the season away from the cold northern states and Canada the fenced area of the BARN was illegally broken into at night. Police were called the following morning to collect evidence and investigate the burglary.

The recommendation of the investigating officers was to install low level night lights as a deterrent to future break-ins.
Enter “eLEDing” Solar Lights!!! … One of the BARN volunteers purchased 6 “SMART” eLEDing solar lights and the lights were immediately installed. These solar lights are programmable to regulate Lithium battery power management and provide the best longevity of any solar lights in the market. The lights were mounted facing downward and are ‘ON’ at a higher brightness for the first few hours in the evening and then they dim down to a much lower level of brightness for the duration of the evening hours. Then if any movement is sensed in the perimeter area that is being monitored the “SMART” lights immediately switch to full brightness again. And they stay ‘ON’ at full brightness until the motion has ceased. Since the lights are 100% solar no new AC wiring was required.

The dark cover of night is no longer a burglary safety blanket for property damage and theft. These solar lights are a very welcome addition to the outside security efforts to keep the BARN safe from unwanted guests during the very dark evening hours in Borrego Springs.

Walk Over The Hudson

We have over 600 lights installed at Walk Over The Hudson